Ballroom Dancing Made Fun and Easy


Hi, I’m Alice Dessauer and I want to welcome you to the wonderful world of ballroom dancing. Whether you are a beginning dancer who wants to learn the exciting and beautiful international ballroom dances or an accomplished dancer who wants to refine your technique, I can help you accomplish your goals.

Maybe you have an upcoming special event such as a wedding, cotillion or party. If so, and you would like to make that first dance elegant and memorable, with a few short lessons I can help you and your prospective husband, father, mother, to be dazzling on the dance floor. If it is a cotillion and significant party you too can become ready for it.

I can help you dance your way to better health. The variety of students I have worked with have included individuals with Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, ADHD, obesity, and those concurrently working with physical therapists. So, whether it is a competition or to improve physical wellbeing, the balance that dance demands is core to all aspects of wellness.